5 Important Items You NEED to Keep in Your Van

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Whether your a seasoned vanlifer, or just kicking the idea around, here are 5 important items we keep in our van during our adventures!



1. -A Fire Extinguisher-

Although it is common knowledge that Vanagons have a nasty habit of bursting into flames when the fuel lines are not cared for, this is a must have for any adventure-mobile! You may never have to use it, but you sure wouldn’t want to be without it in an emergency situation!

2. -Ibuprofen/Tylenol-

Whether it’s for that head-ache that is creeping up on you, or that back-ache from too many hours under the van, some type of pain relief is a must. Medicine containers don’t take up that much room, and you will be happy you have it when you need it!

3. -Lighter/Matches-

If your as spontaneous as we are, you will probably find yourself up in the mountains somewhere, when you thought you were going to the grocery store for a quick gallon of milk. Since you will probably need a fire to stay warm out in the PNW wilderness, some way to light that fire is a good thing to have! While your at it, better throw in some newspaper and kindling!

4. -Jackets-

We say that plural on purpose. You should have at least 1 jacket for every passenger that is with you also. While exploring the Pacific Northwest, chances are good that you will need something to keep you dry and warm. That second jacket you packed could be the only dry thing you have to put on!

5. -Water-

Whether you need a drink, or to drown that fire you made (good thing you packed that lighter, eh!), water is just good to have around. Pack around as much as you think you may need, and then double that. The list of reasons you could need water on the road, and on the trail are endless, so play it safe!



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