Custom Rear Bumper PT. 1

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As anyone can see by looking at the rear of our adventure-mobile, our 36 Y.O. bumper is toast. We are going to change that!

One thing that has always bothered us about our adventure-mobile is the flimsy stock bumpers. Since we eventually want to build a swing away tire onto ours, we needed something with some strength. Using some recycled tubing, I worked out a design in my head.




After a couple cuts, and a few more tack welds, the top tube started to take shape. Since the Vanagon is not known for its subtle angles and flowing body lines, the bumper could be as boxy as I wanted it without looking odd.



A lower tube was fashioned, and then test fitted to the top tube using clamps.


Once the spacing of the bars looked right, everything was tacked together. I was able to cut the ends off of the stock bumper mounts and weld the bumper to them, while retaining the factory tow hooks!




With everything fitted and looking right, the real welding began! Once the welding to the top tube was finished, it was sanded flat using a flapper disk. This is where the true shape of the bumper really started to show.


Check back soon for PT. 2!

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