Why Our Travel Guides are Better Than a Map!

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We are adding 360 degree panoramic functionality to our travel guides!

Since it is our jobs here at PNW Adventuring to show you the hidden beauty of the PNW, we want your user experience to be the best it can be!

By offering 360 degree panoramic shots at all of our travel destinations, it allows you to experience the beauty, before you make the trip! I know some are thinking, “Matt! If your showing everyone the destination before they get there, what is the incentive to make the trip out there?!?!”.


How are you supposed to get your own adventure-mobile in the shot, if you don’t go yourself!

Starting now (after our first travel guide foundĀ HERE) we will be integrating 360 panoramic shots into all of our travel guides!

This is a 360 shot I took earlier this year. Now tell us it wouldn’t be neat to see this in your travel guides!

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of accompanying Kristina’s father to his job site several times. Being a timber cutter that works for major logging companies, he has access to some of the most amazing places, that you and I cant get to because of the existence of locked gates.

On one such occasion, he was contracted to a job that was near an abandoned homestead. This is one of those rare shots, where I was the first one there in many years. In the background stood an abandoned log cabin, and several outbuildings.

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