Vanagon Owners – Innovators in a Box

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Amazing Innovations, #Vanlife Style!

Anyone who knows me (Matt) knows that I spend a lot of time day dreaming and coming up with projects. While this may be weird to some, I find it interesting that it is far less weird in the circle of Vanagon owners.


I spent plenty of time tonight (I have insomnia) reading other blogs to try and connect more with this elite group of owners. People like myself, who dream, think, innovate, and design! While there were many blogs giving the general overview of #Vanlife, there was one BLOGĀ that stood out to me.


If you like Vanagons, and modifying them is a passion for you, definitely give his blog a read. There is some amazing information that is available there! From heater installs, to building a custom gas pedal, this guy knows what he wants and hes willing to put the work in to get it.




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