Vanlife Tip: Milk You Can Keep in Your Cupboard!

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Vanlife Tip:

Milk That You Can Keep In Your Cupboard!


Have you ever gone grocery shopping, wishing that you hadn't bought so many refrigerated items? Are you constantly buying small, expensive milk jugs? So were we, until we started buying a certain kind of milk. Here are my thoughts...



You Don't Have To Refrigerate it?

Yes! And no. The great thing about this stuff is its sealed shelf life. We typically see expiration dates lasting longer than 9 months! With no need to refrigerate while it is still sealed, there is nothing stopping you from throwing it in a cupboard until you are ready to start using it. Once you open it, however, it has a 14 day REFRIGERATED expiration.


Seriously, That Can't Taste Good...

I thought the same exact thing as I was opening the first carton. What was I to expect from a jug of milk that had been on a shelf, non-refrigerated for an undisclosed amount of time. I am here to tell you, it's not bad! We didn't experience any weird after taste, or anything displeasing at all for that matter. Throw it in the fridge so it's cold when you want to use it, and enjoy!


What's With That Packaging?

There are several advantages I have found to this packaging style. It is well packaged for a small refrigerator, taking up minimal space. Being only 1 quart of milk per container, it gets cold quickly! The containers also fold completely flat when they are empty, making disposal super easy!

Where Do You Buy It?

Believe it or not, we buy it at the dollar store! You can also purchase it directly from their website for different sizes and a larger selection of what the company offers.

Check out their website HERE.

We use this milk almost exclusively in our day to day lives. Good for cereal, baking, or anything in between!

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  1. Hey guys,

    Condo only find this comment box, so I’m saying it here. Nice job on the ladder. It looks pretty darn good and I really liek how close it sits to the van.

    And also, thanks for the kind words and link to my blog (shufti)

    Keep making things, it’s so much better than buying premade isn’t it?

    1. Thanks!

      It’s always nice to hear that people find what we are doing interesting! The ladder was excellent to build, and saved us a lot of money! We recently sold the rack and ladder to another Vanagon owner, so be sure to check back as I (Matthew) build another set that is bigger and better!

      As for the comment boxes…it seems that the way I have configured the website has caused problems there. Hopefully I will get them working again soon!

      Keep up the great content on your blog! It is always a pleasure to read your handiwork.

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